The Next Big thing for Flooring Installers and Cleaners

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We all remember the late 2000’s and early 2010’s - right? Lots of wondering where the next job would come from and how we were going to keep our installers and employees around without closing up shop. Shoot - many of us had to jump into other trades or professions for a time. The housing market collapse of the late 2000’s took our customers away - people just didn’t have money for floors anymore.

We were one of those flooring companies hit hard with our custom and retail work coming to a halt, but there’s a happy part to our story and you could make it part of your story too. In 2012 an investment group spent billions of dollars buying up distressed and abandoned houses. This kick started a wave of investor groups purchasing houses. Guess what - 100% of those houses needed carpet cleaning or new flooring. All the sudden we were purchasing entire truck loads of carpet to keep up with their needs, clearing out tile stock from manufactures, and buying vinyl quicker than could be produced.

The wave of investment properties and their flooring needs brought new challenges. From our headquarters in Mesa, Arizona we needed to expand quickly to service our customers nationally. With the service of many installers and flooring stores like you across the country we have made this happen.

Are you interested in joining the next wave of flooring needs from these houses? They aren’t going anywhere, and in fact all those houses we did in 2012 - well, that carpet is only going to last so long.

With new players in the game the flooring market is BOOMING. With nearly 16 MILLION rental homes across the country, the need for qualified, professional installers, carpet cleaners, and flooring stores has never been greater. Give us a call, send us a message, or click here for installers - here for cleaners, and together be a part of the next big thing for flooring installers and cleaners.