Textured: An American Favorite

This is a very popular cut pile carpet that has alternating twists of yarn creating a two-tone appearance.

The pile yarns have more twist so that the yarn ends are visible and create a more casual look. This construction minimizes foot prints and vacuum marks and can be great for high traffic areas. The more times the carpet is twisted the longer the carpet will wear and the less it will crush.


Saxony: In a word, Luxury

For a more formal, traditional and elegant look, consider the beautiful Saxony.

Saxony carpets are a cut pile which shows strong shading and accents. It provides a very formal and elegant look to any room because of the highlights it shows. Some customers do not like a Saxony because it shows more footprints and vacuum marks on the carpet surface.


Frieze: the hard-wearing one

In this cut pile, the yarns are extremely twisted, forming “curly” textured surface. This informal look also minimizes foot prints and vacuum marks. The Frieze is similar to the old mini shag but the carpet strands are thinner and more twist is applied to the fiber for more resiliency of the carpet.

These carpets are great performers in high-traffic areas and can go anywhere in your home. They also hide footprints and are available in various pile heights that create a variety of different looks.


Cable: the comfy carpet

Cable style carpet is constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn. This style is very comfortable underfoot and beautiful in a bedroom or living room.

However, keep in mind that this style is better suited for rooms without a lot of activity. It can matte and crush with heavy foot traffic so it is not recommended for stairs, hallways and other busy areas in your home.


Berber: trouble-free living, durable

A looped style carpet is often referred to as a Berber. Berbers are really big bulky yarns that are either produced in a level loop or multi-level loop carpet construction. Many Berbers are Solution Dyed which means the color is made during the manufacturing process which makes the carpet more colorfast and resistant to fading from the sun.

This carpet hides traffic patterns well but be advised that this style may make seams more apparent and its backing is more visible on stairs.


Cut & Loop: fun or formal

Generally this style is made with a high cut pile and a low loop pile in a pattern. The low loop is used to help keep the pattern in the carpet from matting and losing its definition. Generally this style is made in two or more colors to hide soil and show fewer impressions. Their distinctive carved appearance and multiple colors do a good job of hiding stains and standing up to traffic.

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