Q – How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

  • A – Average between 3-5 hours for standard cleaning and 4-8 for special services and restorative cleaning. Running you’re A/C unit winter or summer will help remove humidity from the air and dry your floors faster.

Q- Do you remove and replace furniture?

  • Yes we certainly do offer that service at additional cost. We also need to know before scheduling so that we can send a 2 man crew to better handle your furniture.

Q- What should I do to prepare before your techs arrive?

  • We ask that you have all items up off the floor and areas to be cleaned free from debris. We always appreciate if you vacuum prior to cleaning however our techs will always vacuum when needed.

Q- Do you have a minimum charge for services if I only have a small area or one room that needs cleaned.

  • Yes we certainly do. RMIS understands that not everyone needs all areas of their floors cleaned so we do have minimum pricing for those small jobs.

Q- What is the recommended cleaning intervals?

  • The carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every twelve months if not sooner to maintain the carpets warranties and extend the life and look of your carpet.

Q- Why do some companies advertise $30 a room or whole house for $99 and can they actually clean my carpets for that price?

  • The short answer is those companies that advertise like that or make such offers once in your home they start to upcharge you and add on fees, plain and simple it is bait and switch marketing. Part 2 of the question is no they are not cleaning it at those prices they are generally doing a splash and dash or slurry clean that just makes it look clean for a few days.

Q- Can urine, pet stains and odor really be removed from my carpets?

  • Yes they 100% can be removed from your carpets, tile, and upholstery when done with the proper chemistry and the correct methods. With our proprietary blend of chemistry and process “Turbo Pet Flush” we guarantee our service to eradicate the issues.

Q- Why can’t I just clean my own carpets, what’s the difference?

  • This is a very important and detailed question so I will start with the simple

Professional carpet cleaning uses chemistry that is not available to the general public. A true professional cleaner does not use soaps or detergents like you see at your local big box stores or corner grocery. These retail shelf products actually ruin carpet and leave sticky, tacky soapy residues in your carpets that actually cause your fibers to fail and matt as well as act as a dirt and soil magnet in turn waring your carpets out faster, causing them to look “ugly” and resoling almost instantly.

Next we will go to the equipment that the homeowner / general consumer has access to. These type of machines either sold at big box stores or rented at your local home improvement and hardware stores are only good for dumping tap water and soap on your floors and removing only the surface moisture off the top of the fibers and not actually rinsing and extracting all the soap and water from you carpets.

In short all you are doing is making mud and lessening the life of your carpet by trying to do it yourself. Finally, there is a good chance that if you do not have a receipt from a professional carpet cleaning contractor your new carpets warranty will be void by the manufacture.